Marketing Automation Helps a Health Supplement Company Grow Sales by over 300%​

Using an integrated sales, tech, and marketing automation process paired with a content marketing strategy, BiOptimizers’ store grew from $126K to $416K in monthly revenue over a 5-month period

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Monthly Gross Revenue
Today has beat my highest sales record because of the new tools I have. I really appreciate your time!
Courtney Morelock
Sales Team - BiOptimzers

Solutions We Delivered

Wanting a tailored experience for their customers with a data-driven approach to marketing, Anticipated Digital implemented a CRM-powered automation system and integrated a customized tech stack to support a truly one of a kind platform. Blending marketing automation with analytics-powered content strategy, Anticipated Digital helped BiOptimizers provide more efficient ways to support their staff, customers, and drive results for their business. Real time data analytics provided powerful insights into KPI’s, and facilitated a personalized customer experience that maximized ROI.

About BiOptimizers

Founded on the passion and mission for helping others optimize their health, BiOptimizers is a health and wellness company dedicated to best-in-class formulas and solutions. From fitness programs, enzymes and organic plant-based to working with genetic and probiotics experts across the world, BiOptimizers is an elite team of professionals dedicated to providing best in health and nutrition supplements since 2004.