New Website & Full Service Digital Sales Solution Nets over $250K In First 90 Days

Suffering from a ~.8% conversion rate and a simplistic system that left leads hanging, Giddy was primed for growth. Anticipated Digital built a WordPress platform that could handle thousands of orders at scale, and created a personal experience for each customer that leveraged data automation and CRM implementation while reducing weekly labor hours.

Orders Placed First 90 Days
User Journeys Automated
New Revenue

What We Did

Front-to-Back Digital Marketing Strategy with Automation Provides a Customized User Journey

To deliver a full scale sales and marketing experience for customers, Anticipated Digital launched an automated WordPress platform that took a ~.8% conversion rate and grew that to over 1.7% within the first 90 days using data analysis and testing. Page load time was optimized to 1.9 seconds with a powerful combination of caching and CDNs.

Integration of the Hubspot CRM suite, social proof, automated campaigns, and segmented lists based on customer information created an end-to-end inbound marketing solution targeted and providing a unique user experience from start to finish. The creation of a 17-point touch inbound marketing strategy based on discovery research led to over 160,000 possible user journeys designed to personalize the sales process for a truly unique experience. Implemented automations saved over 30 hours of manual labor per week- leveraging data analysis and smart marketing to lighten their workload and reduce potential overhead.

CRM Implementation & Management

Content Marketing

Website Design

Email Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Marketing Automation

About Giddy

Giddy is a patented FDA Class II wearable medical device provider. Aiming to become an industry leader in their field, Giddy raised over $300,00 on the Crowdfunding Platform Indiegogo and sought to sell over 1 million units within their first year while creating a personal experience for each customer.