Top 7 Conversion Rate Optimization Techniques

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is an ongoing process that helps you increase the number of visitors who turn into paying customers or subscribers. It’s key for businesses because this will increase the number of sales made on your website and drive more revenue for your company. You can improve conversion rates by learning the best practices to get users to take the desired action.

Are you trying to pick the right CRO strategy for your business? Here are the top seven expert techniques you should consider.

Examine Conversion Rates Across Various Devices & Browsers

When you want to get your business site working at its best, Google Analytics has the insights you need to optimize quickly. It provides real-time information about who is using your site, which devices they use, what functionality they interact with most and more. These insights can help you understand your site’s visitors and to improve their experience.

By looking at the bounce rate, average time on page, and goal conversion rate, you can identify conversion-related problems, which would help you tweak things and boost your conversion rate. For instance, if you noticed a lower conversion rate on Mozilla Firefox than on Chrome, you’ll have an idea that maybe there’s an issue with how the page displays on that specific browser. This goes the same with the different devices that customers use.

Besides, analyzing this data will also help you improve your website’s usability to enhance your rankings for search queries and help drive more visitors to your checkout page.

Top 7 Conversion Rate Optimization Techniques Anticipated Digital
Explain Your Product in a Video

Because of their ability to grab and hold attention, short videos are a powerful way to tell your story, explain your value proposition, and build relationships with customers and prospects. It is said that most viewers prefer to watch videos than read. Thus, it’s a great opportunity to leverage the use of short videos.

In a recent study, it was revealed that people have only an 8 seconds attention span. As a business promoting your product, you only have as little as 8 seconds to hook your audience’s attention. Hence, you’ll have to be creative in incorporating this effectively into your landing page. No matter what your business is, the right explainer video can help users engage with your product, pushing them to learn more about it and eventually hit the CTA for your benefit.

There are different ways to create enticing videos. They can be hand-drawn, claymation, or even digital drawings. If you’re not a master in making videos, there are tools like Canva or Adobe Photoshop that can help you polish them before posting.

Pro Tip: Video isn't just for products. Use video to introduce yourself if you're in sales, customer service, or even as a thank you after a product has been purchased for higher engagement rates.

Leverage Lead Capture Forms

A lead capture form on your website captures visitor information before they leave without taking action. Every form you add to your funnel is crucial to increasing conversion rates and lowering your overall acquisition costs. An effective lead capture form converts more visitors into leads than many other strategies.

Tools like Leadformly makes it easy to create high-converting lead capture forms for your website. It drives customers from the start of the purchase funnel. Often, this is considered a secondary detail, but conversion rates depend on lead capture forms if we consider their ability to convert. You can take it as a trial analysis to understand user behavior, then use the results to build out your entire plan for conversion rate optimization.

Build Trust Through Social Proof

One of the most powerful tools in your conversion rate optimization arsenal is building trust with your leads. It can sometimes be tedious, though, because you have to live up to the promise you’re being perceived as trustworthy, competent, and more. Often, your leads are looking for validation and proof that you’re a trustworthy, credible brand before they buy.

However, you can quickly break down the walls by recognizing customer reviews and testimonials as effective tools for converting more visitors into paying customers. Besides, you can engage in some review sites (like TrustPilot and Capterra) or social media platforms to educate users about the relevance of your product or service. Zendesk is also an excellent tool to build loyalty using social proof that’s perfectly crafted for your audience.

Boost Your Conversion Rate With Scarcity

There’s a saying that a product becomes more attractive when it’s sold out or harder to obtain. Well, that’s the truth in the CRO tool belt. Scarcity can help to increase conversions by creating a sense of urgency. It makes customers feel like there is a small window of opportunity to take advantage of this purchase before it disappears.

Some examples of scarcity words are:

  • Limited time offer
  • Deal expires today
  • Only 12 pieces left
  • Almost sold out
  • Only 1 hour left

There are many ways you can implement this technique, but usually on the landing page. You can attract your customer’s attention quickly by offering a tempting offer with a time limit. This is easy to do through website plugins. HurryTimer, for example, is a WordPress plugin that adds a countdown timer with a “Buy Now” button below it.

Scarcity and honesty go hand-in-hand. People buy from brands and companies they trust, so make sure not to over-use scarcity terminology and only use it when supplies are truly time sensitive or volume is nearing its end. 

Anticipated Digital-Top 7 Conversion Rate Optimization Techniques
Analyze and Understand Bounce and Exit Rates

Bounce rate represents the number of users visiting your website and landing on a single page, reading no further. Typically, a huge bounce rate is an indication that something isn’t working with your marketing or design. Exit rates tell you how many people leave your site after a time.

Bounce and exit rates are vital statistics to any business. When a user visits your website, you want that user to engage with it. If they only click once or twice and then bounce off, they’re not engaging in your content. You’ll need to rectify this problem with new changes to your website or landing page. A high bounce rate indicates that users haven’t found what they were looking for, while a high exit rate means they have left your site without clicking through to another page. Both of these are signs of an ineffective or poor user experience/

Google Analytics  or the marketing suite of HubSpot are great places to track these rates. High bounce rates could mean that your website isn’t easy to navigate or it has a display problem on a particular device like smartphones. Therefore, you need to look at these possible issues, and compare them with your overall engagement for the best narrative of your customer journey.

Make Sure Your Site Matches Your Visitors Expectations

No matter how optimized your landing pages are, they won’t work if it doesn’t match the users’ expectation. For instance, if your business is about selling anti-aging creams, but lots of your visitors show up looking for acne treatment, it doesn’t resonate. They will never buy from you unless your product is effective for acne.

That’s why it’s crucial to understand your niche and demonstrate how your product or service will affect user experience. You must convince them that you don’t deliver a false promise. Instead, you’ll give the solution to their problems. Therefore, providing simple yet concise content for your website is crucial.

Increase Your Conversion Rates Now

Conversion rate optimization doesn’t have to be complicated. With the right knowledge and tools, you can make your website more user-friendly and increase your conversion rates.

Conversion rates are also something that are subject to change, and the best strategy is to constantly evaluate them on a rotating basis and implement updates and needed changes

Want help evaluating or building your conversion rate optimization? Anticipated Digital can help yield higher revenue with our custom strategies and data-driven techniques.

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