7 Zaps to Increase Conversions

7 Zaps to Increase Conversions

Are you using different platforms in the running of your business, but coordinating between them is proving to be time-consuming? Then Zapier is the answer you’ve been looking for. It’s a tool that allows you to connect over 1,500 apps allowing them to work together. 

Zapier boosts automation and allows you to setup workflows that help achieve specific goals. The advantages of gluing together apps via Zapier include improving conversions, save time, simplify complicated tasks and reduce length of sales funnel. 

How you use Zapier to improve automation is only limited by your imagination. There is a lot of flexibility to remove the bottlenecks that are holing up sales. Automation has the potential to increase leads by 80% and conversions by 77%. Therefore, it’s worth your time to learn the top Zaps that other businesses are using. 

Common Zapier terminology

Zap: a Zap refers to a specific workflow created by connecting apps. Each Zap has a trigger and an action. The Zap is set up by determining the event that needs to occur for the action to take place. Choosing the right Zap can create powerful automated workflows that significantly improve the running of your business. 

Trigger: a trigger is an event that sets off a Zap into action. Zapier will monitor the app for the trigger event. Specific triggers can be setup that allows for a lot of control over workflows. For example, you may want to save email attachments to Dropbox. So a Zap can be created that only activates once an email with an attachment is detected – the rest are ignored. 

Action: this is the event that takes place after the trigger is detected. Zapier gives you the freedom to execute various actions, which means any business can find a Zap that’s beneficial for them. 

Task: data that’s passed through the workflow created by a Zap counts as a task. For example, if 10 email attachments are saved to Dropbox, then 10 tasks were performed. 

Zap 1: Unbounce to GoToWebinar

The goal here is to sign up users for a webinar at GoToWebinar, however the standard landing page might only achieve a conversion of 4-6%. With no control of the landing page it can be frustrating as a marketer that strives for higher conversion rates. 

Fortunately, Unbounce can be used to create a customized landing page, which then automatically signs up leads to a webinar run by the GoToWebinar software. The trigger event of this Zap would be the successful completion of your Unbounce landing page, and the event is the signing up to a webinar. 

Further Zaps can be created to give you even more control over the workflow. Instead of allowing auto-emails from GoToWebinar, you can setup a Zap that sends attendees follow up emails from an email service provider of your choice. 

Kissmetrics was able to achieve a 1,000% increase in conversions using this Zap. Marketers understand the importance of being able to use a custom landing page for increasing conversions. Zapier facilitates the use of custom landing pages in scenarios that weren’t possible before. Marketers now have more control over the marketing funnel journey their leads take. 

Zap 2: Funnel prospects with Freshsales

Freshsales is a platform that uses built-in AI lead scoring to prioritize the leads that are most likely to convert. It’s an intuitive platform that offers phone/email services. Via the click of a single button you can call customers and monitor the conversation. The combination of several features in one platform allows detailed information on each lead to be harnessed. 

Zapier boosts productivity using automated workflows that allows you to funnel prospects. For example, you can send leads acquired from other platforms to Freshsales where the lead is nurtured. A Zap can be created where the trigger is the successful completion of a Facebook advert. The action would be to create a new contact in the Freshsales CRM software. 

Further Zaps could be created that send leads from Freshsales to other apps that help close the deal. This might be a landing page or webinar. Zapier allows you to utilize the power of Freshsales to understand your leads better before you send them towards the end of the sales funnel. 

Zap 3: Use Zapier to integrate Calculators and Quizzes

Interactive marketing can increase conversions by 50%, clickthrough rate by 50% and get you 12 times more leads. Quizzes and engaging calculators are one form of interactive marketing that might work wonders for your audience. 

They would act as form submissions that capture the vital data to acquire new leads. Outgrow is an example of software that allows you to create interactive page elements with a simple drag/drop interface. Zaps can be created that link Outgrow to email service provides such as MailChimp and GetResponse. 

Zap 4: Bucket.io to run segmented email campaigns

Targeted email campaigns result in 50% higher clikcthrough rates compared to untargeted emails. However, personalized email campaigns might not be possible with your current software without the use of Zapier. 

Personalized email campaigns require accurate segmentation using accurate data. Deeper data contributes to effective segmentation, which in turn allows you to create more targeted emails. Bucket.io is a tool that enables you to learn more about customers via surveys and forms. It doesn’t take long to get familiar with the drag and drop form builder. 

Bucket.io can be linked with email service providers to run emails based on a pre-determined portion of your customer base. Finding an email service provider that’s compatible shouldn’t be a problem since Bucket.io can integrate with over 1,000 apps. 

Zap 5: ActiveTrail and PipeDrive Zaps

This Zap is an example of how powerful it is to combine a marketing platform and CRM software. Mixing these two platforms has the potential to reduce labor by 90% and increase conversions by 62%

The main objectives of this Zap include delivering automatic email campaigns at the right time and reducing manual labor. The first task is to segment leads based on time zones. It ensures leads from the US and EU are sent emails at different times. The setup works by taking into account the specific time each user signed up as a new lead. The obvious limitation is that if a lead signs up during the night, then they will continue to receive emails at night. 

Behavior triggers can result in automated emails. For example, Zaps can be created where follow up emails are sent to leads that didn’t open the initial email within a specified time frame. Workflows can be designed for a vast number of interactions allowing the right emails to be sent in an automated fashion. 

Zap 6: Popkit for adding social proofing

Social proofing is a valuable tool for persuading casual visitors to become buyers. Up to 92% of buyers look at product reviews before pulling the trigger. Zapier allows integration of social proofing apps like Popkit. The tool allows you to install various widgets that improve social proofing across your website. 

Popular Popkit widgets to use include:

  • Score feedback: a note system for collecting feedback, which increases the chances of users bothering to leave a reply. 
  • Latest conversion: this widget shows off the latest conversion. It provides a sense of user activity on your website that might nudge others to take action. 
  • Social share: share content easily using the social share widget. Making easier for users to share increases the chances they will do so. Readers that spot a high number of shares may take your content more seriously. 

Zap 7: Clearbit and social media ads

Capturing email addresses via Facebook Lead Ads is straightforward since the lead doesn’t need to leave their News Feed or visit Clearbit. However, the problem is that prospects surfing Facebook might be using their personal email as opposed to a company one. 

Zapier with Clearbit can be used to expand on captured customer data, which can be sent to email service providers, marketing automation platforms and CRMs. Integration of these platforms means leads receive automated personalized messages without interaction from you. 

Clearbit is valuable because it provides you with more information to increase the degree of personalization. Workflows that include personalization drastically increase the conversion rate from an advertising source that typically doesn’t convert well.  


The Zaps mentioned in this article are just the tip of the iceberg. The countless workflows that can be created means any business out there can take advantage of Zapier to increase productivity, automation, profitability and customer satisfaction. 

The examples mentioned are meant to get your creative juices flowing and outline the possibilities. Take a look at what apps your business is currently using and what manual labor tasks can be outsourced to Zapier. You’ll discover your own unique Zaps that work best for your business.

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