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HubSpot is one of the most powerful CRM tools on the market, and one of it's greatest strengths are the integrations available. Take a look at the best HubSpot Integrations in the system.

HubSpot is one of the most powerful suites of tools today for sales, support, and inbound marketing automation. Its capabilities allow businesses to reach new target markets, drive conversions, and improve customer connections.

Perhaps the best aspect about HubSpot is being centralized. With customer relationship management (CRM), marketing, and support features all in a single platform, users can break down their data silos and enhance the workflows of their organization.

This is the main reason why integrations play a crucial role in the HubSpot experience. These connections allow you to expand on the existing capabilities of the platform to reach and
improve other areas of the business.

HubSpot is quite a powerful suite of tools as it is but it can become even better if you add the right integrations.

Benefits of Using Integrations With HubSpot

Integrations provide useful tools for pretty much any business. With HubSpot, you can link to numerous applications to synchronize organizational data, streamline your business processes, obtain better reporting, and more.

Making the most out of these HubSpot connections not only helps increase the efficiency of your team members but also enhances the overall performance of your business.

The main benefits of HubSpot integrations are:

  • Ability to streamline processes: Fewer logins and minimal manual data entry are just two of the simplest advantages HubSpot has to offer, allowing you to have more opportunities to do business.


  • Easily break down data silos: HubSpot lets you access and analyze information across your organization so you have more data for customer insights.


  • Better operations management: You can improve the transparency between your teams by using tools like Operations Hub that offer seamless communication and project management functionalities.

Popular HubSpot Integrations To Consider

The following are the most popular integrations with HubSpot that are categorized according to the needs of an organization. This list should help you browse through the numerous options available today.

Accounting and Finance

QuickBooks: QuickBooks provides companies with an online accounting tool that lets them monitor their expenses, create invoices, manage their cash flow, and generate financial reports that they can access on both desktop computers and mobile devices.

Functionality and Usability

DocuSign: This electronic signature tool has been trending over the past few years because of its ability to let users sign their documents digitally. Some of the most common ways to use both DocuSign and HubSpot are for updating deals in the CRM and creating or updating HubSpot contacts.

Live Chat

Intercom: The Intercom integration of HubSpot allows users to gather new leads and prospects by using website live chat features. With Intercom, you’ll have the ability to convert more leads by engaging with them actively whenever they’re browsing your website. Customized chatbots can then be used to qualify leads, track them, and automatically organize data.

Customer Success

Slack: HubSpot’s integration with Slack provides users with a communication tool and digital workspace where they can connect and discuss projects with team members. This integration offers excellent features that foster team coordination and collaboration no matter where the users are located.


Beacon: Companies with websites containing numerous blog posts can leverage the Beacon integration to ensure their content looks professional. This could also help drive more leads since readers can get more value out of the existing website content. Furthermore, Beacon lets users integrate content automatically with HubSpot so that they can convert blog posts into downloadable content.


Zapier: Zapier is one of the most popular integrations worldwide. It allows users to automatically connect their software to more than a thousand other applications. Apps can be linked to HubSpot easily with no coding necessary.


UberConference: UberConference allows users to schedule meetings with prospects and colleagues, allowing them to prioritize tasks that need attention. Aside from that, the integration also lets you schedule these appointments easily without the need to leave the HubSpot portal.

Analytics and Data

Klipfolio: HubSpot’s integration with Klipfolio provides users with vital metrics in real-time while creating dashboards in the platform that are easily comprehensible. These dashboards allow you to monitor and assess performance throughout your channels in a single location. It also lets you enhance data transparency so you can reach your target customers faster.

Account-Based Marketing Integration

Metadata: The integration with Metadata provides organizations with account-based advertising solutions. One of the best features it offers is the ability to automatically identify target contacts and accounts via HubSpot. This lets you create personalized ads at scale so you can easily reach your targets more effectively and close more deals.


Shopify: With a Shopify integration, users can incorporate all of their ecommerce customer data into HubSpot directly. Besides customer information, it also automatically syncs products and orders according to their associated customer profiles. It is even possible to develop retargeting ads and cart abandonment nurturing tactics once you connect Shopify and HubSpot.

Event and Webinar 

Eventbrite: With the Eventbrite integration, you can utilize inbound marketing automation tactics to drive more leads and customers to your events. Once you have connected the software, this integration takes data from all of your contact lists in HubSpot automatically so you can discover effective ways of connecting with your target audience.

Contract Integration

PandaDoc: The PandaDoc software lets users generate, negotiate, and digitally sign contracts, quotes, and proposals. It’s even possible to collect payments upon signing after a few days of use. This integration with HubSpot primarily lets you update deals whenever new PandaDoc files have been completed.

HubSpot is indeed one of the most powerful and reliable platforms today that offers numerous tools and integrations to increase its capabilities. That’s why many businesses rely on it for sales, marketing automation, and support solutions.

If you’re interested in HubSpot integrations for your organization, Anticipated Digital is here to help. We are a Platinum HubSpot Solutions Partner that can guide you through the intricacies of using the robust platform to meet your needs.

Whether you need help understanding how HubSpot works or how you can leverage specific integrations with it, Anticipated Digital can help. Book a meeting with our experts today to schedule a demo.

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