Aircall and HubSpot Integration

a man speaking on a phone while working on his computer

Every call an office makes or receives is assigned to a particular stage in the buyer’s journey. This is why the quality of your phone calls — and the remainder of your customer service experience — is so crucial.

To provide an exceptional customer experience, your sales professionals and support personnel must be capable of responding to customers on the spot. This implies that your agents will require as much information as possible on your customers. This can be achieved by using Aircall with the HubSpot integration.

If you’re looking to improve your sales and service workflow, keep reading! This article will cover the benefits of Aircall, how it integrates with HubSpot, and the call and text campaign your company can use to engage customers and prospects.

a man speaking on a phone while working on his computer

Benefits of Aircall

For modern enterprises, Aircall is the preferred cloud-based phone solution. It’s a speech platform that works with a variety of productivity and customer service software. Aircall was created with the goal of making customer call support simple to manage by making it more accessible, transparent, and open.

Here are the advantages of using Aircall:

  • Scalable and simple to set up: With Aircall, you can generate numbers in more than a hundred countries and start onboarding the next day. On the fly, you can add numbers, accounts, or routing settings.

  • Users will find it intuitive: Aircall has a straightforward and attractive user interface for both administrators and users. With only the dashboard and phone, users will be able to figure out what to do.

  • Easy integrations: In just a few clicks, you can build up integrations with Aircall. Save time on every call by syncing it with your CRM and Helpdesk.

  • Excellent call quality: Aircall has a 99.99% uptime guarantee. It includes numerous major voice carriers, as well as dynamic switching to prevent service interruptions.

Benefits of Integrating Aircall with HubSpot

Agents, sales associates, and marketers can all use Aircall’s HubSpot Integration to improve call processes, boost productivity, and follow clients across the customer journey. HubSpot’s fully featured platform contains all that you need to place your customers at the core of your business, including applications, services, and a comprehensive ecosystem. It’s a crucial tool for keeping track of customer communications, tailoring encounters, and establishing bonds.

The integrated software tools synchronize data in real-time, creating a single data source that any authorized user can access. It provides sales and support personnel with the insights they need to ensure a smooth encounter. Here are some of the advantages that prove why HubSpot and Aircall work so well together.

More Accurate Data

All phone calls with Aircall are registered and monitored in your Contact, Company, Deal, and Ticket data, along with details like call length, contact number, a link to complete call recordings, agent remarks, and results. Within HubSpot, you’ll have access to all your call data for process triggers and integrated reporting.

Easily Accessible Customer History

Using the Aircall phone, you can dig further into customer history. Before your sales professionals and support staff take incoming calls, Aircall’s Call-Pop automatically sends them essential information. Your HubSpot customer history is just a click away, offering full context for the call and allowing your team to improve the customer service and have better interactions.


Working virtually on the field doesn’t have to mean sacrificing call quality or risking data loss. Regardless of where you are, you can utilize Aircall’s iPhone and Android mobile apps to maintain the accuracy of your HubSpot data. Even if work takes your team away from the office, Aircall makes remote work simple and allows you to log vital information in real-time.

Boost Your Productivity With New Features

Time is of the essence when it comes to providing excellent customer service and closing sales transactions. Teams may save time with the Aircall and HubSpot integration, which includes the following features:

  • Tag syncing: Aircall tags are linked to HubSpot call activity, allowing your Aircall process to integrate your HubSpot data fully. As such, tags make it simple to navigate through logged calls.

  • Ticket creation automation: Admins can determine which funnel to generate new tickets in and which ticket status to assign to each call type. The ticket is then updated with the call specifics.

  • HubSpot workflows can now be triggered by new custom properties: Create HubSpot automated workflows depending on call data entered in customized contact parameters. This feature is ideal for automating post-call duties such as follow-up emails.

  • Click-to-call: Receiving incoming call alerts on users’ screens allows them to jump right into the discussion without navigating between tabs.

  • Insight Cards: Data from the HubSpot CRM is seamlessly pulled into view on the Aircall Phone, giving sales and support representatives more information behind each inbound call.

  • Omni-Channel Capability: This feature can reduce agent distractions, track call status in HubSpot, and perform on-the-spot modifications, resulting in improved customer satisfaction.

  • Interactive Voice Response: This tool allows you to create a smart index that will automatically transfer customers to the appropriate team on their first call.

Use Cases for Calling and Texting Campaigns

Without a doubt, both Aircall and HubSpot offer a robust set of valuable capabilities. What makes the features genuinely stand out is how organizations can combine them to optimize phone operations. Here are some ways to do this:


Sales professionals may view phone communications with potential customers in the HubSpot Sales Hub thanks to HubSpot’s automation in sales workflows. Sales representatives can also use the Aircall phone to retrieve Contact and Deal details. When a customer is ready to purchase, sales representatives are also entirely prepared to close the deal.


HubSpot automatically generates support requests and tracks phone calls within the HubSpot Service Hub as the call center receives support calls via Aircall. There’s no need to be concerned about lost support requests or customers not receiving a phone call in return. These are distinct features that improve the customer experience immensely.

Monitoring and Reporting

Companies can also use built-in analytics tools to produce customized reports using customer information from HubSpot and Aircall, which help evaluate recent sales and support patterns.

The Bottomline

Aircall and HubSpot’s partnership is gaining plenty of traction among organizations. With so many businesses vying for top-notch customer service, Aircall and HubSpot form a mutually beneficial collaboration that strategically harnesses customer engagements to increase brand loyalty and achieve business objectives.

Schedule a demo with Anticipated Digital today if you wish to learn more about using Aircall and HubSpot integration in your company.

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