How To Track In-Person Events in HubSpot

In Person Events with HubSpot

HubSpot is perhaps the biggest Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform today. It started off as a convenient tool for inbound marketing but quickly evolved into an extensive full service system for companies, including Sales, Marketing, Service, and Operations. As you scale business operations, HubSpot allows you to have complete control over hosting, blogging, email marketing, social media posting, and more all in one convenient, user friendly space. 

Recent upgrades in HubSpot have made it possible for local businesses to enter the offline marketing scheme. As restrictions ease off, in-person events can be conducted where your target audience can converge. HubSpot has worked together with Eventbrite to give its users the chance to track in-person events with ease.

Remove the extra work by tracking in-person events in HubSpot to create a seamless, automated follow-up process that saves time and resources.

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In Person Events with HubSpot

What Is Eventbrite?

Eventbrite is an event management website that allows users to create local events and promote them on the same platform. It also functions as a ticketing and tracking website for in-person activities hosted by small businesses or other organizations. 

Using this platform, you can essentially create events and sell tickets through their portal. You need to pay for the ticket-selling service if the event comes with a fee. For free events, the ticket tracking system is available for free.

How To Use and Integrate Eventbrite With HubSpot

If you have an existing HubSpot CRM, you can use Eventbrite to create, promote, and sell tickets for an in-person event! Integration is quick and easy by following the steps below: 

  • Start by opening up your HubSpot account and clicking the Marketplace icon. You can find this in the main navigation bar.
  • Choose App Marketplace and search for Eventbrite Integration.
  • Click Install App and input the necessary details.
  • Hit Get Started and create your account. Note that HubSpot and Eventbrite will sync via the common email account. You need to make sure that the email account used to open HubSpot is also used for Eventbrite.
  • Click Allow to give HubSpot access to the Eventbrite account.
  • You’ll see the different events you’ve set up under Eventbrite. To sync these events with HubSpot, click the ON toggle.
  • You can create lists using the platform and group contacts together depending on their position in the sale process. You can have a list for people who are registering for the first time, a list for frequent registrants, a list for canceled registrations, and so on.

What Kind of Information Can You Get With Eventbrite?

Setting up an in-person event through Eventbrite is quick and easy, but what else does it have to offer business managers? The real value of Eventbrite is its ability to help with CRM through HubSpot integration. Using the Eventbrite platform, you’re able to perform the following functions:

  • You can set up different events and specify the location, number of available attendees, date, time, and other relevant data.
  • If you manage multiple organizations, the events can also be grouped according to the organizations they fall in.
  • Once you set up Eventbrite, you’ll automatically have a new contact properties group set up. This will include Last Registered Event Name and the Last Registered Event Date. Let’s say your event name is “Symposium ABC” for January 7.
  • If you have a contact who registers for the “Symposium ABC”, this will sync up with your HubSpot account. The contact’s timeline will be automatically updated.
  • What if the registrant is not a contact? Not a problem. HubSpot will automatically create a contact and add it to their timeline.
  • All people who register for an Eventbrite event will be asked to provide the following information: first and last name, mobile phone, company name, home address, company, job title, and website.
  • Cancellations and requests for refunds will be automatically viewed through the contact’s timeline.
  • If the contact attends the in-person event, you’ll also get a note through the Eventbrite system. Note that this means you’ll prompt users to ‘check in’ during the events. 
In Person Events with HubSpot

Benefits of Tracking Visitors and Leads

Eventbrite is a useful tool to create lists and generate leads for your business. After all, the people who are interested in your events are the same people who fall within your target demographic. Using your compiled information through Eventbrite, here’s what you can do: 

  • Create a customized and automated email or SMS notification to remind contacts about their upcoming events.
  • Based on the events they’ve signed up for in the past, you can also send email blasts inviting them to check out upcoming events. Use the Eventbrite platform to come up with the best possible matches for events.
  • Use the data to boost your marketing strategy through vouchers and discount coupons. You can send customized email blasts to invite your target audience to future events using a voucher code.
  • You can use the information you get to plan future events. What events seem to be getting lots of visitors? Which booths, guests, activities, or speakers seem to be bringing in the crowd?
  • Pay attention to the day and time of these events. Some days may be more popular than others because your target audience has the free time to show up for events.
  • You can also track the people who sign up for your events most frequently. Eventbrite offers access to the contacts who registered in the past 4 weeks. These are your active audience and are more likely to respond to overt actions on your part.
  • The platform is also perfect for welcoming registrants and getting information on how they found out about the event in the first place. This helps narrow down your marketing channels and makes it easier for you to focus on specific platforms. If the majority of your registrants are coming from Twitter or LinkedIn, these are the places you’ll want to boost your efforts.
  • Customer satisfaction is also something you can measure with the help of Eventbrite information. Contact who attended the event can be sent an email blast asking them about their experience. Reviews are the hallmark of every excellent Customer Relationship Management platform and Eventbrite makes this easier for you through grouped information.

When taken together, all these factors give you the chance to better plan and fine-tune your methods for the target audience. While not everyone who registers for events pushes through with the in-person attendance, the list makes for an excellent jump-off point for future marketing tactics.

Eventbrite’s list of canceled registrations is also a rich source of information even if it doesn’t contribute to your bottom line. For example, you can use an “exit form” that asks registrants exactly why they’re canceling their ticket. This tells you the primary reason why your target audience doesn’t push through with the attendance and what you can do about it. This is invaluable feedback that even big names like Netflix and Facebook use for their platforms.

Fine tune your target audience and get to know your contacts' interests for future marketing strategies

-Anticipated Digital
In Person Events with HubSpot

Relationship Building

Keep in mind that both HubSpot and Eventbrite are just tools to help you manage data. The interpretation and use of information are still up to you, so use it wisely. Strategically engage this contacts in ways that both make sense and provide value to the contacts. The beauty of these platforms is that they eliminate the menial task of data collection, allowing you to get into the important aspect of offline marketing and relationship building. Used together, you can do so much for your business and generate qualified leads and build avid fans of your company. 


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