The HubSpot Operations Hub is one of the newest additions to the platform’s list of marketing tools. We're reviewing it's features and letting you know how it works.

The HubSpot Operations Hub is one of the newest additions to the platform’s list of marketing tools. It was introduced on April 21, 2021, providing users with new features and functionality that they’ve not seen before.
HubSpot has always had aspects such as automated email nurture campaigns, reporting on CRM data, and ticket automation in the platform itself. When the Operations Hub was released, however, all of these capabilities were enhanced, allowing HubSpot to be used not only in marketing, sales, and service but throughout a company’s whole tech stack.

What Is HubSpot Operations Hub?

With Operations Hub, revenue operations teams can help their companies optimize their business processes through a set of enhanced features, such as:

Two-Way Data Syncing

Any of the strategies you implement on HubSpot are only limited by the accuracy of the information you possess. For large enterprises with huge tech stacks and complex processes, ensuring data stays consistent is a major challenge.

Operations Hub lets you carry out two-way syncs with the third-party data you have. It also allows you to customize field mappings and implement data quality automation. All of this helps ensure that business information has a consistent format and is accurate across the tech stack.For instance, you can automatically switch the dates in your CRM records to follow a similar pattern if they have a mixed format.

Enhanced Automation Capabilities

Another amazing feature of HubSpot Operations Hub is that it improves your workflow power with the added ability to perform programmable automation. Since the existing workflows in HubSpot are designed to be user-friendly, users aren’t required to have any coding knowledge to get started.

Non-technical users can easily and quickly set up their own automation here. The downside to having workflows that are designed for use out-of-the-box is that they have limitations on what they are capable of. For some, their unique requirements cannot be met because of these restrictions.

With the new programmable automation feature from Operations Hub, you can now start adding custom code actions to your workflows. Users with technical knowledge on how to manipulate code can now automate just about anything that their company needs.

For instance, the HubSpot platform lets you perform a lead rotation action out-of-the-box at randomized intervals. However, this approach doesn’t take into account the various capacity levels of the company’s sales representatives.

Using programmable automation, you can develop your own custom lead distribution system via your HubSpot workflows. This allows you to assign more leads to your sales reps who have a higher capability to work on these new assignments.

Enhanced Integrations

PieSync, a dedicated integrations platform that allowed people to connect the various aspects of their tech stack easily, was bought by HubSpot back in 2019. The acquisition resulted in enhanced integration options in the HubSpot platform through its third-party applications and integrations.

With Operations Hub, this tool takes the existing functionality to another level and integrates it seamlessly with the HubSpot portal.

Users who are familiar with the HubSpot and Salesforce integration know what advantages they can get in setting up integrations with existing systems by way of a user-friendly interface. HubSpot Operations Hub does just that while having the features that marketing and sales teams require.

This means that Operations Hub will let you become less dependent on custom API integration developers. It also lets you view your data syncing easily throughout your tech stack with minimal time and effort to set up.

One of the most common use cases here would be to connect HubSpot to your existing eCommerce platform or ERP system. In this case, you can select which fields of data you wish to synchronize, allowing the sync to operate in real-time while ensuring the two databases have the same updated information.

The HubSpot Data Sync adds native integrations to Operations Hub such as:

●Microsoft Dynamics 365







●Google Contacts




Benefits of Using Operations Hub

Reliable and accurate data is vital for marketers as it plays a huge role in the success of marketing campaigns. Proper segmentation, staying contextually relevant, and being able to deliver the right messages at the right time are all aspects that need the best data possible to be effective. This same scenario applies to both the sales and service teams as well. In fact, it can include everyone across the company.

By using Operations Hub, businesses will gain access to the data they need to implement their campaigns efficiently. It lets them measure their performance effectively after completing certain actions.

Meanwhile, the features available on Operations Hub offer enhanced flexibility in all of the workflows and processes made.

All involved teams will also feel more confident in the accuracy and quality of their company data as the business scales.

Operations Hub lets you become less dependent on custom API integration developers and view your data syncing throughout your tech stack with minimal time & effort to set up.

Getting HubSpot Operations Hub

You can get Operations Hub through the various packages and combinations offered by HubSpot. Although you can obtain it by itself, using it as a standalone product isn’t sensible at this time.

Rather, users should think of HubSpot Operations Hub as a set of tools that combine marketing, sales, and service solutions all in one platform. The free version of Operations Hub offers a set of tools such as two-way data sync and default field mappings. It also has all of the third-party integrations available.

For the Starter package, you can get everything from the free version together with HubSpot sync and custom field mappings for data.

Finally, the Professional plan comes with everything from the free and Starter packages along with programmable automation and additional portal capacity.


Operations Hub is one of the latest platforms released by HubSpot that can enhance the capabilities of marketing, sales, and service teams. If you want to know more about HubSpot Operations Hub and if it offers the set of tools you need for your business, we’re here to help.

Anticipated Digital is a Platinum HubSpot Solutions Partner that can assist you in finding the right solutions for your company. 

Get in touch with us today and book a demo to see how Operations Hub can improve your workflows.

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