Auden Digital Becomes Anticipated Digital

After 4 years of growth as Auden Digital, we felt we needed a step forward - Anticipated Digital reflects our new direction in an effort to serve customers better.

Why the Change?

Since 2017, Auden Digital has served startups, small and medium businesses, and a few enterprise clients.  Our focus was on creating seamless experiences for our clients and their marketing and sales teams.

As we move into a digital-first post-pandemic world, we have grown our services – as well as our team – to create more advanced solutions for where we believe the market is going.

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Pricing That Meets Your Needs

We’ve received a lot of feedback over the years regarding what works and what doesn’t alongside our customers’ business processes.  We’re launching a brand new pricing model with tiered levels of service that range from ad-hoc support to dedicated resources.

Our goal is to provide the highest level of transparency about your project and budget to ensure we’re delivering all of the support you need without anything you don’t.

We’ve worked with our Technology and Strategic Partners to secure better discounts for our growing numbers of customers, and are excited to launch several key new partnerships in 2022.

Anticipated Digital Provides Better Transparency

We work nonstop on solutions for our enterprise clients around transparency of data while maintaining security and permissions partitions.  We’re proud to announce that we have moved to ClickUp to provide real-time project dashboards for our clients.  Plus – if you’re a HubSpot client of ours, your project reporting can be integrated directly into your HubSpot instance.

We also recognize that there are challenges with remote digital employees and being able to tie tasks to effort spent.  We’ve deployed Hubstaff for our internal and extended teams to monitor the activity level of every minute billed to your account.  This translates to maximum accountability on our team, and ensures that you’re never billed for any time not directly spent on your tasks.

New Releases

Behind the scenes, our team has been developing a custom enterprise CMS theme and several much overdue integrations for HubSpot and WordPress.   As we step into our new shoes as Anticipated Digital, we look forward to providing our global partners with better ways to automate their internal processes.

Truly RevOps-Focused

Since we launched over 4 years ago as a digital marketing agency, our focus has expanded beyond supporting just marketing departments.  Anticipated Digital is a true enterprise technology partner focused on the entire revenue cycle.  We support marketing, sales, IT and RevOps departments with a detail-oriented focus on the data.

Our strategies go beyond individual campaigns, as we focus on how your brand interacts with customers across all departments, platforms, channels, and partners.  With a goal of optimizing conversions, improving user experience, and making it easier for your employees to perform their key functions (instead of reports and inefficiency).

Companies that forego analyzing and optimizing their processes risk losing 20-30% of their revenue to inefficiencies.  Anticipated Digital partners with our clients to strategically invest their efforts into reducing overhead and manual labor time of dozens of processes your team already performs today.

Giving Back

With our recent partnership with Rybbon, we’re about to donate 5% of every invoice paid directly to charity partners worldwide.

Every time you make a payment on your account as an Anticipated Digital client, you will receive a digital code to make a donation to one of the supported platforms on the Rybbon network.  Not only are you getting award-winning delivery and strategy for your business, but you’re helping make the world a better place.

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