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Anticipated Digital Customer Rewards Programs

Customer approval is an undeniably important part of any business. After all, there would be no business without customers. Globally, consumers have high expectations of a business’s customer services. Should you live up to their expectations, they are likely to tell others about their positive experience with your business.

Likewise, failing to meet consumer demands can hinder your chances of expanding your operations and gaining more support. As such, making sure that your customer support is up to par is as essential as implementing such services.

One way to ensure that you are meeting your target audience’s demands is by getting their feedback. However, getting customer feedback can be challenging. People often don’t take time to fill out surveys unless there is an incentive involved. Here’s a closer look at how this solution can improve your business.

Measure Your Customer Satisfaction

There are a few different ways that you can offer rewards for customer feedback. One popular method is to offer rewards when measuring your net promoter score, or NPS. Your NPS is a metric for customer loyalty and measures how likely customers would recommend your business to others.

When you utilize NPS, you can track customer satisfaction over time. In addition, you can identify any issues customers potentially face throughout your operations. This way, you can address them efficiently.

To find your NPS, you must send out surveys for your customers to fill out. You can send surveys manually or use tools such as Shopify. Dedicated solutions like Shopify can simplify your job, but the challenge of getting customers to fill out the survey remains.

You could offer discounts or coupons to those who fill out your NPS surveys. Similarly, you can host a prize raffle to encourage customers to fill out your survey. Either way, customers would be more inclined to take part in the survey and help you out since they are likely to get something in return.

Once you have the completed surveys, you can proceed to calculate each customer’s NPS. You can calculate the score by subtracting the percentage of detractors from the percentage of promoters.

Detractors are the customers who had a negative experience with your products or services and promoters are the more enthusiastic customers. Meanwhile, there are “passive” customers who may have been satisfied with your service but not enough to be a promoter.

Depending on your NPS, you can determine your next move to improve your customer support. Suppose you have a concerning number of detractors from your surveys. Investigating their concerns will help improve your business and your customers’ opinions of you.

customer rewards programs
Measure Your Customer’s Effort

Another metric you can assess is your customer effort score, or CES. This metric measures how much effort your customers feel they need to exert before you resolve their issues.

Like NPS, you can use CES to track customer satisfaction over time and identify any areas that need improvement. Essentially, you would ask your customers to fill out surveys detailing how well you, as a business, address your customers’ immediate needs.

While you can manually send out surveys to your customers, you can use tools like SurveyMonkey to simplify your job. Obtaining the completed CES surveys may also need some encouragement through potential discounts, coupons, or prizes. Offering rewards for customer feedback makes it more likely to get the feedback you need to make improvements.

When you collect your customers’ surveys, you can begin calculating their CES. Like your NPS, getting your CES involves subtracting the percentage of detractors from the percentage of promoters.

If your CES is low, it is probably due to slow response times from your company. Customers may even have difficulty reaching your customer support, whether by phone or another avenue like email. Monitoring your CES is a good way to observe how satisfied your customers are with your responses and problem-solving. Work with your customer support team to ensure that every customer is promptly helped. 

You may have to reevaluate your customer support process or provide more avenues for customers to reach out. Perhaps you can strengthen your social media presence or implement a live chat feature on your website to immediately connect with customers seeking help.

Techniques To Incentivize Customers To Provide More Feedback

Customers might consider giving feedback a hassle on their end. Why would they take time out of their day to give you their thoughts? From a customer’s perspective, giving feedback might seem like more work than it’s worth. As the business owner, there are several ways you can show your customers that giving feedback will be worth their while.

A good way to convince your customers to give feedback is by assuring that they get something in return. Here are some ideas that can get you started:

  • Offer Discounts and Coupons: Whether the customer had a good or bad experience with your product or service, having a discount on their next purchase might urge them to give you another shot.
  • Host Prize Raffles: Consider holding raffles where the prizes could be an item that is usually unavailable to tap into a customer’s sense of urgency.
  • Give Exclusive Access: Some customers might want to feel like a member of an elite group. You can offer them access to new products or services before the general public gets their hands on them. This way, you show appreciation for their feedback while getting them excited for your upcoming releases.


Regardless of the technique you adopt, your primary goal is to make giving feedback something that your customers look forward to doing. Essentially, you accomplish two things: getting insights into improving your operations and giving your customers something useful.

Anticipated Digital Customer Rewards Programs
Using the Right Partners- How We Can Help

One of the biggest advantages of using an agency is leveraging the vetted partners who’ve already been researched and verified. For Anticipated Digital, customer journey is integral to our core strategies for all clients, and as such we are partners of both Xoxoday and Rybbon. These rewards platforms are among the top customer relationship management (CRM) solutions. These platforms make it easy to send gift cards and points to your customers, creating a wonderful way to provide personalized thanks to your customers- something we’re really passionate about.

Xoxoday has over two million clients, and Rybbon has sent over three million rewards globally. You can tap into this customer base by involving our rewards solutions to improve your business operations.

These reward solutions can typically be integrated into your custom automations. Instead of a simple appreciation email, these platforms create a customized, white glove type of service that allows your customers to feel seen and thanked in the best way for their individual needs. It’s a fantastic way to stand out against your competitors and create a reputation that makes you a household name- and build loyalty with your customers.

A Complete Customer Journey

Getting customer feedback is essential in growing your business. However, customers might not always be forthcoming with their thoughts. Sometimes, to get the information you need, you have to offer incentives and rewards.

Common surveys include NPS and CES surveys, which measure how well your customer services are doing. These surveys also give you insights into what areas of your services need improvement.

Different platforms can simplify sending rewards to your customers, such as Xoxoday and Rybbon. These companies are among our partners, making it much easier to offer incentives and obtain the information you need to improve your services. 

Not sure where to start? Want to know more about Rybbon, Xoxoday, or other customer incentive options that fit your needs?

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