How to Use a HubSpot Dedicated IP to Boost Your Email Send Reputation

a person working on their gmail account in a HubSpot dedicated IP

If you own a business or engage in email marketing, you’ll want your emails to arrive safely in your recipients’ inboxes. The last thing you want is for them to end up as spam. Using a dedicated IP is one way to lessen the possibility of this happening. Fortunately, HubSpot offers dedicated IP add-on services that you can utilize for your email marketing.

If you’re on the fence about switching to dedicated IP for your email campaign, keep reading! In this article, we’ll be discussing everything you need to know about the Dedicated IP add-on from HubSpot, its benefits, why you would need it, and what it includes.

a person working on their gmail account in a HubSpot dedicated IP

What Is a Dedicated IP?

To have a firmer grasp on dedicated IPs and determine if you require one, you must first understand the concepts of sender reputation and email deliverability.

The reputation of the IP address that delivers the email plays a significant role in its delivery. Your emails have a better chance of reaching your subscribers if sent from an IP address with a good reputation. However, you may be blocked by some inboxes if your Sender Reputation is poor.

Many email service providers handle and distribute your emails using a pool of shared IP addresses by default. In shared IPs, the activities of all firms utilizing the same IP address define the sender’s reputation. On the other hand, a dedicated IP address is only used by the sender. No other business, institution, or person can send from your IP address other than your brand. This implies that you are solely accountable for its reputation.

What Impact Does a Dedicated IP Have on Deliverability?

You are completely responsible for your sender’s reputation when using a dedicated IP address. It’s all about first impressions, and if you start on the wrong foot, it’ll be with you for a long time. This means that if you harm your ISP’s reputation, it will take a while for them to regain confidence in you as a sender. As a result, your inbox placement and email deliverability will be affected.

If your IP address appears on a blacklist or is targeted by a significant number of spam traps, you’ll know it’s entirely your responsibility. After that, you can attempt to find out why the spam trap was triggered.

Your sender reputation is crucial in determining whether an ISP will deliver an email to the inbox. It’s easy to whitelist a dedicated IP address, which marks you as a “safe sender.” You get past spam filters a lot faster than someone who isn’t on the whitelist. However, even if you’re whitelisted, it might not last forever. You can be removed at any time based on your sending habits.

The sole ownership of DNS records is another way that a dedicated IP might impact your deliverability. DNS records are linked to your company’s name. For instance, a reverse DNS lookup on a specific IP address would only provide information about your brand.

HubSpot Dedicated IP address helps your business

What Are the Benefits of a Dedicated IP? 

Many high-volume email senders decide that they don’t want to share an IP address with other businesses and prefer their own IP address. A dedicated IP provides additional control over the delivery of emails for high-volume senders with active subscribers. Rather than having their IP’s reputation shaped by the activities of others, they can now have total control over whether their emails are delivered.

Aside from having more control, many businesses opt for a dedicated IP address since they don’t want a sender appendix linked to their emails, such as Dedicated IPs look to originate solely from the company’s email address.

When Is It Appropriate to Use a Dedicated IP Address?

While shared IPs for email may be more convenient for some, they may not be sufficient if you have more advanced requirements.

The following are the key reasons why you should choose a dedicated IP address to deliver your emails:

  • You send a large number of emails regularly.

  • You’d like complete control over your sender’s reputation and delivery.

  • Instead of your email marketing service provider’s domain, you want to associate your emails totally with your own.

The primary argument for utilizing a dedicated IP address to deliver emails is the first item from this list. That’s because email clients like Gmail and Yahoo are notorious for aggressively monitoring incoming emails. If you intend to establish a significant reputation to become a trusted sender with them, you’ll need to send plenty of emails on a regular basis.

What’s Included in HubSpot’s Dedicated IP Add-on?

Here are the inclusions of HubSpot’s Dedicated IP Add-on:

One or More Dedicated IP Addresses

HubSpot’s Email Deliverability Team determines the number of IP addresses required. This is dependent on your current domain reputation, monthly volume forecasts, and volume growth expectations. Preserving the reputation of these IPs is crucial because this premium product does not grant you access to an unlimited number of fresh IPs.

Constructing a Custom DNS Setup

HubSpot will configure your emails to use your new dedicated IP addresses as soon as possible. Since they cannot access your DNS or implement modifications in your place, your company must have the capacity to alter your DNS settings.

A Tailored IP Warm-up Strategy That Includes Direct Guidance for up to Five Campaigns

A new dedicated IP address needs to be gradually warmed up to develop a positive reputation. You’ll be connected with a technical specialist who will help you get your IP address ready and give feedback on up to five campaigns’ performance.

Around-the-Clock Monitoring of IP and Domain Reputation

Excellent email deliverability relies heavily on your new IP address’s reputation. HubSpot’s program will constantly check your domain and IP address to keep your Sender Score high. They will aid you in resolving any issues that arise to maintain excellent deliverability.

Set up your Dedicated IP Add-on

An email is a powerful tool for generating money, nurturing leads, closing deals, and keeping customers informed. You need to ensure email deliverability to maximize the implementation of your email marketing campaign. This can be made possible with HubSpot’s Dedicated IP add-on.

Anticipated Digital is a Platinum Solutions Partner with HubSpot and can help you navigate getting the HubSpot Dedicated IP add-on today, as well as helping you set up strategies to maintain your positive email send reputation.

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