How To Increase Conversion Rates – An Austin Expert’s Guide

If you have an online presence, you want to make sure that it’s actually doing something for you. You don’t just want them to visit your website. You want them to buy your product. Turning a visitor into a customer is known as a conversion, and Anticipated Digital can help you attract more customers with our conversion rate optimization expertise.

What is a Conversion Rate?

There’s a simple formula for determining your conversion rate. Take the number of visitors to your website by a unique user and divide it by the number of “impressions” made. In the case of e-commerce, an impression would occur when someone lands on your website, while a “conversion” usually occurs when someone places an order or pays for a new subscription.

If every visit results in an order placed, it’s rather easy to complete the CTR formula. That’s a 100 percent conversion rate, but that’s far from the norm. If a user places three unique orders in four visits, that’s a 75 percent conversion rate. One order in two visits is 50 percent, and so on. If your conversion rate is too low, that could be a sign that customers are shopping around. For whatever reason, they’re not deciding to purchase from your website. It’s time to figure out why and boost that conversion rate

If you sell a subscription of some sort, then your conversion rate formula is a little different. You want to divide the order numbers by the number of unique users. This is because a user can really only order a subscription once. If they visit your site twice or three times to do research and ultimately end up following through, that’s a success. One order from one unique user even after they visited your website ten times is still a 100 percent conversion rate, in this scenario at least.

Determining Goals

Obviously you want to get as close to a 100 percent conversion rate as you can, but it’s also important to set smaller goals and objectives that can be achieved. Doubling your conversion rates could be one goal, for example. You can also figure out how to lower your cost per conversion, finding ways to make the most effective use of your advertising dollars.

While we strongly believe that increasing conversion rates is one of the most important aspects of marketing operations, it’s important to note that slight increases across multiple metrics compound, while a significant improvement in just one metric has a diluted effect when looking at marketing across the board.

Tips For Success

Conversion Rate Optimization plays a crucial role in growing your business.


It’s also important to know about common conversion rate benchmarks, which can vary by industry. Knowing the benchmarks for something like the average Google Ads conversion rate or Facebook Ads cost per conversion in your industry can help you set more realistic objectives.  We leverage SEMRush, an industry-leading search engine research tool – to gather information on businesses, markets, search habits, and more.

The key to good benchmarking is clearly identifying the desired action you want each of your site visitors to take – are you pushing them towards buying a product or service, or are you designing a dedicated conversion funnel to help potential customers find the information they’re looking for with the least amount of friction in the buying process?

Once you determine the conversion goal for your business, you can create landing pages and split tests to see which strategies are more effective in increasing the percentage of customers that convert on your site.

Usability and User Experience

There are a number of tools that you can use to track your CRO and improve it. Google Analytics and Google Customer Surveys can both help you learn more about consumer preferences. Some tools will recruit users that can check out your site, evaluating them for usability, and pointing out issues that you may not have noticed being so close to your own business. With the right tools, you can see what’s preventing visits from becoming conversions and use that info to help your business grow and attract new customers. You can also improve the user experience, boost trust in your website, and offer more comprehensive resources that can give customers the knowledge they need.

For Conversion Rate Optimization Help in Austin, TX

If you’re ready to boost your CRO, Anticipated Digital is ready to help! Contact us today and turn more of the people who see your ads into paying customers!

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